Before Services or references
it's all about Attitude and Trust.

Based on high ethical values our results are always based on collaberation with stakeholders, true connections based on mutual respect.

An open discussion to make clear expectations, definitions and competences, from meeting to reporting & invoicing.

Educational background went from Technical Automotive to Business Administration and Total Quality Management.

The Goldratt TOC programs followed were percieved as the verry important contributions, next to every day experience!

The key elements of sustainability are Energy & Resources. The focus also by governments is aimed at energy and the CO2 reduction. This is only one side. What is the footprint and consequences of aquiring raw materials and production & distribution? Re-use, independent maintenance and refurbishing are some examples that can help to get the max from produced equipment. The world is our backyard.

Our activities have mainly been in these sector: ICT Hard-&Software, Datacenters, Energy, Healtcare, Automotive and Services.

Becoming acquainted with new markets is possible also within a short timeframe..we love to prove this!

Lessons can be be learned every day, for some high valued contributions & inspiration we would like to mention at least; Dr. W. Edwards Deming, Dr. Eli Goldratt, Ricardo Sempler, the "Covey family", Guy Kawasaki, Simon Sinek, family, friends, business connections, belief and kids!

Our Services

The support of act2xceed is based at a logical approach combined with creation of insights. We prefer to act in B2B environments, where relationships can be turned into partnerships, where concepts can be created in a winning mix for end-users and trust can grow to achieve long term profitability.
Review of business plan, market developments, benchmarking, lessons from other sectors and linking all this to the competences of the organisation can lead to a strategy. A strategic approach should work through the whole organisation, especially those departments in contact with customers. Not only the strategy is important, the execution is key
Market research, connecting elements, abstract numbers turned into practical information, analysis from sectors to policies and company analysis. Asumptions need to be defined, underlying elements to be taken within the thinking process.
For business expansion based on a strategic approach we offer our support with a focus on the commercial side like partnerships and Mergers&Acquisitions. For M&A projects we partner with a true specialist in this field.
From projects on behalf of CXO's to committee's and(European) Work Councils act2xceed has been a support. The challenge to expand our role to taking part to accomplish goals are welcomed, long term successes needs a firm foundation.


Please review some of the projects that were supported by act2xceed.

Latest: Research, analysis and advice to support a European Works Council & the Board regarding a merge with huge impact. New Group revenue will reach €4b turnover.
Actively involved with Dutch and European Foundations to support Green ICT & Freedom regarding Enterprise ICT, from ownership rights of hardware to maintenance & software.
Site Free ICT
Site Green ICT
B2B Trade & Services Network
Strategy redefined: proposition change, new activiies, commercial responsibility, software application development and new partnerships.
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IT Service Providers
Advisor to several companies active in enterprise IT Hardware, Software and Services. Also consultancy for business development on the European market for a multinational non-European company.
M&A Support
A Market research on Healthcare in Asian countries, analysis of important players and creation of short list of potential companies to take over in the insurance TPM market. Other M&A projects were in the ICT market, all in cooperation with a specialised partner.
Other Experiences
The former resposibilities were mainly in the area of commercial management, concept development, partnerships and internationalisation. Companies involved were active in the ICT, Automotive Data, Automotive Part Distibution and Research.

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